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DDP Yoga Returns to Nashville MMA

Retired Professional Wrestler DDP Bring DDP Yoga to Nashville Mixed Martial Arts

DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) may be best known for his days as a a professional wrestler but since retiring he has been in the business of changing lives. He was won over to Yoga by his wife Kimberly. After experiencing the benefits of power yoga, he adapted his own version called DDP Yoga.

DDP Yoga is an intense workout that strengthens the core and promotes flexibility while increasing cardio fitness.

Discover the Amazing Transformation of Arthur Boorman and DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga Comes to Nashville MMA September 15th

DDP Yoga is coming to Nashville MMA September 15 where DDP will be teaching two sessions of DDP Yoga.  The first session is for basic fitness levels (those with low to moderate fitness levels and will be from 10-2.  The second session is from 4-6 for intermediate and advanced fitness levels.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn DDP Yoga and then get a FREE week of MMA training.

Register Online for DDP Yoga at Nashville MMA

You can register online for this event by clicking your level below.

We hope to see you at Nashville MMA for DDP Yoga

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